Monday, 15 July 2013

When the going gets tough!

It's been a tough last month. Mostly because I've been quite sick with a bad flu and as everyone knows when your the boss there's no time to be sick. For the first time in my working Colosoul History I actually didn't go into work for a day because I couldn't get out of bed. My whole body was drained. Even to open my eyes, it was an effort. The rest of the days for the next week I went home at 5 and went straight to bed. Definitely out of character for me since I'm also usually awake for half the night as well.  It's such an important time for me as the CEO of Colosoul because we have our corporate festival coming up at the end of September. I've been emailing as many corporate CEO's and business's that I can. Our corporate festival is to bring more awareness to the business world about who we are and what we actually do. A lot of preparation needs to go into this event as it's a make or break event in relation to the success of our organization. I really hope we are able to convey what the Colosoul Group does and the difference we are making within the arts sector. I really hope we can get the right people on our side to prove that as a youth organization we are professional, engaging and a much needed asset to the local community. For the sake of our youth I hope people are able to catch the Colosoul vision and enable our organization to move forward into greater heights.  I can only hope, that's a great start and I'm sure with all the hard work and determination of the Colosoul team we will be able to make it! 

Tricia xxx 


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