Friday, 27 November 2015

Introducing: Leeanne

Hey everyone my name is Leeanne and in between choosing the music for our office and chit chatting with everyone I am the Coordinator of FoxFeet, the fashion agency run under the Colosoul Group. I organize events, regularly update our social media, organize photo shoots, create graphic material for promotional purposes, and in the process of setting up a Pop-up store, located within our Perth CBD office. Not only do I co run FoxFeet but at the same time I work on illustrations and other graphic design projects for POP Creative, Colosoul’s Design and Marketing department. On top of it all, I work very closely with the CEO of the Colosoul Group Tricia Ray and illustrate children’s books which she has written herself. As a graduate student in the Bachelor of Arts (Interior Architecture) at Curtin University of Technology I have utilized my design and management skills at Colosoul to help build up my portfolio. Initially starting out as an Interior Architect my passion towards illustration has increased within my time at Colosoul, and has opened up my career path towards Graphic Design. I have been apart of Colosoul since November 2014 and have grown so much as person and a designer. Colosoul is filled with so many like minded creative people and I love surrounding myself around people who share one common goal- let’s do what we love, and do lots of it! 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Colosoul Chats With: Laura Mosquera

Laura used to work with us here at Colosoul, so we thought we'd catch up with her to see what she's been up to! Have a read of what she had to say and check out some of the amazing work she did here.

How did you find out about Colosoul?
A friend told me about Colosoul when I was looking for an internship that could give me practical experience in design and improve my English skills. It’s quite hard to break into the industry without experience and when I saw the Colosoul website, I was excited to be a part of this amazing company. Without Tricia’s help, I would never have been able to share what I learnt at Colosoul.

What did you do when you worked with us?
Colosoul gave me the opportunity to explore different ways I could express myself as a designer. I created all the graphic design for Colosoul such as business cards, posters, and Christmas cards. I created publicity for the different events, illustrations of the first book Bird on a Wire, designed a “lookbook" in fashion retail and promoted Colosoul on the internet. I also had the opportunity to learn new skills in graphic design software.

What did you like most about working with Colosoul?
Oh my god where to begin?! The environment where you can create together makes Colosoul such an amazing place to explore your thoughts. It gives you the opportunity to work with people that can share their culture and similar experiences. I think it is such an inspiration for youth to get involved in a place where you can discover what you’re best at and work towards your professional pathway.

Do you feel like Colosoul helped you with your career path, and how?
Colosoul has been a great career opener for me. It is quite difficult to get job opportunities in Colombia – even if you’ve worked and studied overseas. By working at Colosoul, even though English isn’t my native language, I gained so much confidence as a designer to realize what I want to do and what my strengths are. My bilingual skills improved through Colosoul which made me much more competitive in the industry when I returned to Colombia. I would definitely love to join Colosoul again as a senior designer.

Client advertisements Laura worked on which featured in Colosoul Magazine
Abstract designed "snap cards" created to promote Colosoul photography

Monday, 23 November 2015

How I Got to Colosoul

By Josh Larsen

Born in 1989 in northern suburbs of Perth. I was brought up in a small house in Mirrabooka. I had a fairly typical upbringing.
In year 9 I was introduced to drugs and let my life spiral out of control. For 10 years I have been in and out of jobs, relationships and rehabs. My latest job and relationship fell through in June this year. I'd had enough. This time something shifted inside me. I remember thinking of the famous Einstein quote - "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results". It was time to try something new. I knew that working a mundane repetitive lifestyle just didn’t work for me. So I choose to pack my car up and live on the streets, giving away my possessions and the burdens that came with materialistic things. I eventually found what I loved, which is helping music and happiness. Problem is, it's hard to continue on with out money, especially if I wanted to continue attending gigs. I needed a way to attend gigs for free and get involved in the hip-hop scene. So I did what any man with nothing does. I asked the Universe. The very first job opportunity that caught my attention was a position at Colosoul under the magazine WordPlay as the hip-hop event writer. The perfect entry point for an aspiring mc/writer. The next day I applied and gained the position.

I have been with Colosoul for 2 and a half months now and life and my mental health is balancing out in a very definitive way. My challenges are still very real and I still take baby steps but they are definitely in the right direction.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Introducing: Selina

Hey everyone it’s Sel. I’ve only worked at Colosoul for about a month but I already love it! I’m a marketing assistant and I mainly work in social media by writing Facebook posts and uploading Instagram photos. I love working in such a creative environment that has paintings all over the walls and artwork hanging from the ceiling. I love exploring Perth city on my lunch break and discovering new shops and cafes, finding great tasting coffee makes “work” not really feel like work. Working with such a diverse and creative workforce gives me so much inspiration; so many people I work with have such interesting hobbies and skills. I don’t think I really do anything that interesting but I do enjoy discovering new interesting places to visit and take photos at, I’m interested in makeup and enjoy watching tutorials to learn new things.  I think working at Colosoul is helping me to discover who I really am and I’m starting to find things out about myself I didn’t know before. Being around so many designers and photographers has made me remember how much I used to love taking and editing photos – I wonder what else I’ll discover throughout my time here?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A post from Tricia

This is my everyday journey. Life is full of interesting turns, some are rough some are tough some are a good laugh. The dog is me getting ready for work, the grape is reminding myself not to take things too seriously, the world map is how I see our world and the paint brushes represent all our creatives showing their artistic self expression, the mixed head is where I'm at sometimes because I'm worrying so much, Cookie Monster is how I generally feel when I'm at work and I haven't stopped to eat lunch yet, the lamb is me very excited getting ready to go home to my my tent and when I'm laying awake for the whole night my imagination is running wild in all different places. I'm never bored! Just grateful to be surrounded by like mind people.  

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Introducing: Ariel

Hey guys!

You’ll know me as Ariel, and I work as the assistant stylist for Foxfeet and occasionally you’d find me working what I can do around the fashion departments at Colosoul. I’m still a newbie still trying to find my around things. Recently I just completed my 3 year undergraduate degree in architecture and design at UWA.

Not only does Colosoul offer training but it gave me so many opportunities to work alongside industry experts and help get my foot in the door of the artistic network of the Perth fashion community, and even nationwide. I’ve only recently completed my first event – the Movember fashion show which raised awareness and funds for men’s health, which was a success. Not only that I had the fabulous opportunity to work alongside some talented artists, models, designers and stylists, and that’s what I love about working at Colosoul.

I used Colosoul as an opportunity to try and get into something that I’ve always been interested about and have a taste of what the fashion industry is like – though it has its ugly moments the fashion community is always ripe with opportunities, and it’s amazing to spend a new day doing something completely different. Not only that but the people I have met at Colosoul have been my rock and support system all the way, and I have no regrets here.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Introducing: Felix

How can I tell somebody about myself if they ask me to do so? It really takes sometime for me. On the other hand if you ask my mother she’ll gladly do that just in 2 minutes! I don’t think she will exaggerate though, she will just tell in a casual way, like talking to someone you just met. “Oh my boy just completed his military service, he also has a job thank goodness… He was a TV guy before but now he’s on a different job, internet, advertising, social media that kinda thing I don’t know it very well. If only he can get married now.. He’s a bit messy though, I wonder which girl would agree to marry him! He listens to music all day, in the morning from earphones, in the evening loudspeakers. He won’t notice if a car would honk nearby! But still he doesn’t care. His room is filled with books and CDs ‘Who will read/listen all these?’ I ask, ‘Don’t worry about that ma!’ he says. I ask him to take care when he goes out at night but again he says the same. Anyways that’s my boy, what can I do? Can’t kick him out can I?”

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

One of the best things about The Colosoul Group is that it allows young people to share their creativity and ideas with the world. Everybody can be their own person and express their personalities, whether it be through writing, photography, blogging or designing, and it shows in the projects that we do!