Tuesday, 20 September 2016

WA Born 2016- MC Jordan Bruno

WA Born MC Jordan Bruno gives the Colosoul blog an insight into how he was feeling ahead of his first MC gig....

I'm really excited about tonight. A little bit nervous because this is my first time MC'ing a function .

It's going to be a really good event. I can't wait to get started on hosting tonight.

What attracted me to being MC tonight was knowing how hard it is to get into the creative industry.

I studied property and finance at University and have a passion for media and food

To see an organisation like Colosoul, which opens up these options for young people is quite a special and amazing place to be a part of.

Another thing I'm excited about seeing tonight is all the emerging artists. 

There's so much great West Australia talent going to be shown tonight. 

Colosoul is something that I hope to be apart of in the future and I feel really privileged to be included in this event.


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