Monday, 4 January 2016

Introducing: Kate Oatley

When I was a child in my home country of England, while my friends wanted to be astronauts and princesses, I wanted to be a writer. Now finding my feet as an adult in Australia, my friends have moved on from their childhood dreams, but I’m firmly sticking to mine. Thanks to living in a household of teachers and bookworms, I value knowledge over everything else, and I’ve always looked to reputable journalists to get the truth. Writing is the most beautiful art form I know, and being able to inform, enlighten, and entertain people all at once is just incredible. 

I’m about to start my third year of studying a double major comprising English and Cultural Studies and Communications and Media Studies at the University of Western Australia. I’ve found being a general writer for Colosoul magazine has given me invaluable experience, both in developing my writing and in getting comfortable with the sort of environments I’ll be working in in the future. More than experience, though, Colosoul has given me the confidence to pursue fiercely my career goals of becoming a journalist and editor; for that, Colosoul will always be dear to me. 


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