Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Recently I have a great team who take charge of their responsibilities; I love it when I get a crew that takes initiative and are really passionate about what it is they want to do within the arts. These types of volunteers is what Colosoul is looking for and is about; the atmosphere around the place is a buzz.

I have an amazing editor - Brooke, who works full time and comes in on Fridays to oversee our Colosoul team. What a champ! Brook knows how to listen, take advice and get the ball rolling. The unfortunate thing when volunteers leave in an unprecedented way without passing over their roles properly it does cause a bit of mayhem at the Colosoul Group, mainly because people are trained as they enter the mentorship program. 

During handover and the only person who knows how to hand over properly is the person who just had their role. Due to a high number of volunteers coming through the program this has seemingly always been the most effective way until past few months. With a bit of stress roaming around the place due to a couple of volunteers who decided not to hand over properly we have had to implement a different structure for our system to work more effectively. I always ask my volunteers how we can do things to better improve our quality of work ethics and professional standards, quite often they come up with some great ideas! Below is a weekly update I get from one of my team leaders, some insight in to what is taking place behind the scenes..

Updates from the past week are:

Claire  (Art Editor) has been doing a stellar job so far

  • building up the art team. She has recruited a few interested team members to get involved with art and such
Karen Hansord (General Writer) has been great submitting stories.
  •  I look forward to her next article. I am meeting with her this Friday to discuss the Books Editor position. She is a self proclaimed book geek, so I think if she's able to take on that role that would be great.
  •  Has also been great at submitting some wonderful stories to boost up the website submissions. She's more focused on the social issues side of things and is happy to contribute where possible.
Tom Munday
  • Music so far is doing fine - Tom Munday has a real grip on things I believe and is posting on FB and getting a good gig list together.
  •  Samuel (Theatre Editor): Going really well with Fringe and hopes to continue things after the festival has finished.
  • Movies Editor :Still on the lookout for a new Movies Editor, Social Issues Editor and some more editorial assistants. I have put in a request to HR.
  • Ezine: Going to try hard to build up the ezine in house along with the design team.
  •  Issue #11:  looking good so far - I'll have a timeline for you on Friday to hang in the office as a visual aid! Speak more on Friday about things! - Editorial team

Tricia Ray 


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