Monday, 7 December 2015

Choose to be Brave!

My life is an adventure sometimes it's been a difficult road. Some have joined me on the journey, some stumble along the path and fall away. Some can see ahead with me and they fly above with with beautiful words like colourful balloons, others can't get out of bed! Life seems like it owes them something but rather we owe life to be grateful for the moment, for the challenge, for the people who have graciously lead us and showed a way that may lead to a glimpse of our own destiny. It's not easy to follow a leader sometimes blindly but in your heart if you listen carefully you will hear the winds whispering just like the leader does. The wind is ever moving, sometimes still it's waiting carefully for the next move. Sometimes the adventure is like a cool summer breeze easy flowing I can clearly see where I'm going. The adventure started in me when I followed carefully in the footsteps of someone else's I learnt many things, how to brave the storm, how to pick up the broken pieces after the storm how to listen to the direction the wind would blow. When to sit and wait and share by the campfire after we built it together. I learnt never to look at what wasn't but to trust, to believe, to look at what was. To walk, to run, to stumble and not give up and try again. To never look back only look forward to stand right beside my leader who took me on an adventure because I knew it would lead me eventually toward my own adventure which I would be brave enough to take and not give up! Everyday I wake up and make this choice because I choose to be brave.

Tricia Ray


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