Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Colosoul Experience

I started at Colosoul almost two months ago, and I remember the first day I stepped into the office. I was so excited to have my interview at Colosoul, it was the first job in the marketing and social media field i’d been interviewed for since I finished uni in July. When I got to the address of the Colosoul office I thought i’d come to the wrong place - squeezed in between a lingerie store and a Salvos store, I realised the office was in the basement. As I was walking down the stairs, I immediately saw all the decorations on the walls and the things hanging from the ceiling, I was shocked at how cool it was! I realised pretty much straight away that this is a place where people come to work but also chill out, there was music playing in the background, everyone was talking and having fun, and I felt really over dressed, I wasn’t expecting this at all! The interview went well and I started the next week at Colosoul. Some days the office can be really relaxed and easy going, and other days it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when everyone is in. I remember one day in particular I had to sit on the floor because there were so many people and not enough chairs!

I now run the Vashti Facebook and Instagram pages, the Colosoul blog, and I occasionally post on the Colosoul Facebook and Instagram pages as well. I’ve met so many great people and every time i’m in the office I learn something new, it’s more than just getting experience for my resume. 

By Lucy Richardson


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