Wednesday, 22 January 2014


It was great having time out from work but then when I get back after the Christmas break I feel overloaded. There is just so much to do - organising all the events for 2014 making sure all the dates and venues are locked in, having the right team to help put them together; emailing potential advertisers, promoting our design agency, catching up with clients and of course mentoring my amazing team. Fortunately for me I have an excellent PA two days a week so I feel like a can actually get through some of my work. The thing is I am ADD - highly active and find it hard to sit still. My admin girl Chelsea and my PA girl Sam keep me on track! Lucky to have them.

Some days I find things easy breezy and they just fly by, others days, like this week, seemed almost as though I have been climbing a mountain. I seem to spend two hours staring at my computer contemplating what I should be doing and not actually doing anything at all, I am then stressed for the next five hours trying to fit the workload in. 

Anyhow, I saw a cool picture today of Canadian mountain climbing goats and I thought to myself, "How the hell do those goats actually climb that mountain?" It actually looked impossible. I turned the picture sideways and upside down, it just didn't make sense. I have decided I am going to do some research into these goats and I will let you know what I discovered in my next post. 

One thing it did though, was remind me that the days are not so difficult after all and anything I really want to achieve, I can. I have just got to keep persevering and pursuing the goals I have here at Colosoul and anything is possible.

Tricia Ray
The Colosoul Group Inc

Canadian Mountain Goats 


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