Friday, 24 January 2014

Why the music department works for me...

Thanks to its glorious reputation and friendly nature, I applied to Colosoul Magazine with fresh eyes after finishing my journalism degree at Curtin University. Initially skeptical about taking on an assistant music editor position, I was concerned as to what I could and would be able to contribute to the magazine. 

Day one got off to a shaky start. Not knowing where anything was or what I was doing was hard but Tricia (CEO) and James (a fellow Assistant Music Editor) pushed me forward. The music department is steadily ascending in quality and proficiency. We, as a cooperative and eclectic bunch, have banded together to improve the music section’s work ethic, contribution levels, and communication skills.  Working with James, we have interacted with bands and singer/songwriters from across Perth willing to share their knowledge of, and experiences within, the city’s music scene. 

As a music editor, I’m able to appropriately and effectively structure and improve an important section of the magazine. In addition, the music position is bringing me closer to Perth’s arts and entertainment culture. 

Having reviewed albums from bands across WA, and researched the state’s music hubs, this engaging and awe-inspiring side of Perth is widening my gaze. Assisting with this section’s development, I am learning to cooperate with writers and photographers, interact with lead editors/creators, and absorb varying genres, artists, and movements. 

- Tom Munday (Music Department Assistant Editor) 


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