Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Colosoul Chats With: Laura Mosquera

Laura used to work with us here at Colosoul, so we thought we'd catch up with her to see what she's been up to! Have a read of what she had to say and check out some of the amazing work she did here.

How did you find out about Colosoul?
A friend told me about Colosoul when I was looking for an internship that could give me practical experience in design and improve my English skills. It’s quite hard to break into the industry without experience and when I saw the Colosoul website, I was excited to be a part of this amazing company. Without Tricia’s help, I would never have been able to share what I learnt at Colosoul.

What did you do when you worked with us?
Colosoul gave me the opportunity to explore different ways I could express myself as a designer. I created all the graphic design for Colosoul such as business cards, posters, and Christmas cards. I created publicity for the different events, illustrations of the first book Bird on a Wire, designed a “lookbook" in fashion retail and promoted Colosoul on the internet. I also had the opportunity to learn new skills in graphic design software.

What did you like most about working with Colosoul?
Oh my god where to begin?! The environment where you can create together makes Colosoul such an amazing place to explore your thoughts. It gives you the opportunity to work with people that can share their culture and similar experiences. I think it is such an inspiration for youth to get involved in a place where you can discover what you’re best at and work towards your professional pathway.

Do you feel like Colosoul helped you with your career path, and how?
Colosoul has been a great career opener for me. It is quite difficult to get job opportunities in Colombia – even if you’ve worked and studied overseas. By working at Colosoul, even though English isn’t my native language, I gained so much confidence as a designer to realize what I want to do and what my strengths are. My bilingual skills improved through Colosoul which made me much more competitive in the industry when I returned to Colombia. I would definitely love to join Colosoul again as a senior designer.

Client advertisements Laura worked on which featured in Colosoul Magazine
Abstract designed "snap cards" created to promote Colosoul photography


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