Sunday, 16 February 2014

Goodbye Colosoul.

The summer is in full swing with festivals and gigs coming out of our ears! The Lotterywest Film Festival is already flooding the eyes and minds of cinema enthusiasts with some gems of international film, as well as some gorgeous Australian works, including the world premiere of Shane McNiel’s latest film Girt By Sea. 

I've already seen three films and am hoping to pack in a couple more. Of the films I’ve already seen, Ruben Alves’s  The Gilded Cage was absolutely gorgeous and shot straight into my top 5 films of the decade. Perth Festival (non-film) events also started on Feb 7 with the Lotterywest Spectacular: Veles E Vents, featuring the spectacle makers from Xarxe Teatre. A spectacle, as always.

I’ve put together my PIAF Top 5 not to be missed events:

1.       The National, February 14 at Chevron Gardens
2.       A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It), February 14-19 at His Majesty’s Theatre
3.       Bianco, February 11 – March 1 at NoFit State Big Top at the Ozone Reserve
4.       Opus, February 26 – March 1 at Regal Theatre
5.       Haze, February 27 – March 1 at His Majesty’s Theatre

My festival picks are usually very music heavy, but this year I’ve found myself leaning more towards the physical theatre, dance and circus acts. On the other hand, I absolutely could not imagine missing The National.

Finally, I have news of mixed emotions, I’ve been offered a really exciting work placement opportunity with one of WA’s esteemed presses and so my time with Colosoul has come to an end. It has been such a whirlwind few months and I will be taking some truly excellent memories with me, as well as some sweet new media skills. I’ve met some of the very best people in this state and look forward to reading all the good stuff coming out of Colosoul in the future.

Thanks a bunch Colosoul!


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