Friday, 21 February 2014

Passion, Persistence and Pizza!

Hello there!

I’m Claire Turner, the Art Editor! I’m a final year art student at Curtin University and a practicing visual artist/poet-

These past four months I think the moon and stars drastically rearranged themselves - I've been handed a number of career making opportunities and I feel elated with the art world right now, as opposed to contemplating the harsh and never ending injustices towards artists that life seems to always offer.
So, I began the position a week from Monday, I am so excited to be here! I've even told my roommates to address me as Miranda Priestly, in which I only reply with “That’s all.” And I've perfected my pursing of the lips to a max. 

In terms of my plans for the Art Department at Colosoul, I have big dreams of which will all come into fruition given time! Since I was 13, I have been fixated-obsessed-hell-bent on recreating Andy Warhol’s Factory (a little insight into my crazy idealism) and I've found a place in which my obsession could become a definite reality, and in my own home town of Perth. Whaaaattt?!?!?!

Building a department and finding one’s own team may send most people into stress-ville, along with starting at a new job, or not knowing how to pay next week’s rent because your awesome new job doesn't pay and you’re too committed to look for paying word - but not me! In fact, I may be on such a creative high at the moment that nothing will ever phase me for some time! 

What I am going to love most of all about this role is meeting people through their submissions -artwork or written - and of course helping them with a uniquely important task of establishing themselves through Perth's art scene! 

Art is life and death; I'm too passionate about art to function!

Somebody posted this very inspiring picture to Instagram on the weekend  and I thought it could apply to career opportunities and the journey of making your dreams happen, as well as pizza (an equally important part of life). 

- Claire Turner (Art Director)


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