Monday, 5 August 2013

How to make the most of your time at Colosoul

We have a high turn over volunteers at Colosoul, due to the nature of our organization. We have a high number of volunteers that come to us to do their uni prac or uni internship. I can tell between the people who want to make a career and those who are just doing the hours required to graduate. This post is directed to those who really want to make a career in the media industry. Here are some pointers to get the most out of your work experience.

·      Take the time to get to know your team leader, team members, managing director and CEO. I cannot stress the importance of this. We can help you! We want to help you! Trust me, we are the ones who have the knowledge to help you get to where you want to go. We also know other people who can help you. We will be your biggest fans if you let us help you. Also remember if your team leader succeeds so do you.

·      If your not busy there is something wrong. If you aren’t busy at Colosoul something isn’t right. Trust me when I tell you there is always something to do. Even if it isn’t in your own section, offer to help out somewhere else. When I see people sitting around the office doing nothing or just talking about their weekend, I start to get worried. It does not look good on you if you’re not busy working when your in the office. We do so many projects at Colosoul your expertise can always be utilized somewhere. People who stick their hand up to help in other areas or projects get noticed. Taking initiative is highly appreciated. People who go the extra mile will get noticed. These are the ones who end up getting to do the fun jobs because people remember the ones who helped them with the tedious ones.

·      Please ask questions! Seriously!  Everyone at Colosoul loves being asked questions, no seriously we do. It’s better that you ask questions than sit in the office for an hour not knowing what to do. Time is a valuable asset. Asking questions shows us that you have initiative, you want to learn, and you’re critically thinking and engaged in what you’re doing. So ask away!

·      Yes you do have to do tedious jobs. Trust me we have all been there and done that. Although Colosoul is different in the sense that we offer real life experiences, but as with everything in real life there is the tedious side to every job. We know it sucks but we appreciate it and we will notice it and reward you for it.  Use this as an opportunity to show us your willing to work hard to get what you want.

Venus x

Fashion, Food & Marie Antoinette

When it comes to organising a photo shoot, a lot of things come to play. Venue, models, apparel, shoes, hair and makeup are just a few things that as editor,  I  have to coordinate the organisation of. Yesterday we had the opportunity as apart of Vashti Magazine to be in the heart of the CBD in Perth for a special 'Alannah Hill' photo shoot. The photo shoot was Marie Antoinette inspired, with exquisite food, an amazing team and a terrific location at Moana Coffee. Here is a sneak peek of Issue 2 of Vashti Magazine, from the behind the scenes photos taken by myself.

Behind The Scenes Photography: Natasha Drake
Left- Right
Hair: Joanne Banks, Model: Kylie Board
Cupcakes Courtesy of: Bella's Cupcake World 
Makeup: Crystal Brown @Crystal Glow, Model: Stephanie Simpson

Thanks for the team for all their hard work and support. Look out for Issue 2 of Vashti Magazine, on Magcloud.