Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Style Philosophy

I think we all understand that personal style is a thing, but I don’t think people really discuss how important personal style can actually be. When you don’t have a style of your own, sometimes you feel a little lost or even a little out of place. I know I’ve had times where everything I wear doesn’t feel like me and it doesn’t feel right, I lose my confidence and it’s kind of crazy how something so small can actually mean so much. Though whenever I’m in doubt I go back to black, it’s always easy to start from there. So many people take on style in different ways. For those who are gender fluid or don’t stick to one kind of ‘gendered’ clothing, it can be difficult to find clothing for yourself but when you can put it all together, your personal style shows everyone who you are. As people tend to ‘read’ other people, clothing is the first thing they’re looking at when trying to determine what kind of person you are. If you’re feeling like being a bit of a rocker, or you want to feel strong, maybe you’ll wear a leather jacket. People interpret that as cool, chic and a little bit edgy (apparently). If you were something flow-y with a lot of movement people think that you’re sweet and easy going. Everything has a connotation even if we don’t realise it.

Recently I haven’t exactly been feeling myself, with everything going on I just chuck on literally anything that looks like it’ll go together. I feel a little odd but I don’t have time to worry about what I’m wearing, yet I notice a lack in confidence and productivity, which seems super strange but hey, I’m just telling you how I feel. I knew that I needed a bit of a change, but change takes time and effort - when you volunteer at a youth organisation (and kind of love your job), your effort doesn’t exactly go towards what you wear in the morning, yet it’s so much more important than I thought it was. I took a short break, reenergised, went to a different state and explored different styles, so when I came back, I kind of came back brand new, like I was going to dominate this world. And that’s exactly how I want to feel everyday. 

It literally sounds ridiculous, but lets be real, if you’re wearing track pants and a sweater you probably just want to be snuggled up at home rather than out and about. So everyday I plan to dress like I’m going somewhere, so I actually go somewhere and I actually do something. It’s just my philosophy in being productive. One of my favourite bloggers Margaret Zhang, once said something along the lines of wearing bright red lipstick when she was going to study at the library, so she knows not to ruin her makeup and to get her work done. Makeup, clothing and anything that ‘aids’ to our appearance is a factor in how we act throughout the day, Zhang knew that, and even though I read that post over a year ago, I’m only just starting to realise the power that comes with style.

Plus, who doesn’t want to look like they could dominate the world.

By Tiffany Kennedy 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

TopDup Donuts

Today I was sitting in the Colosoul office dreaming about doughnuts (because that’s normal isn’t it?)

Image credit: Top Dup Donuts 
Image credit: Top Dup Donuts 

I remembered looking through my Instagram feed this morning on the train and noticed that 'Top Dup Donuts' had opened a new shop at the New Perth Busport.

Tossing up between whether to stick with my “clean eating” regime or giving myself a cheat day, I succumbed to the latter and headed down to the Busport to check it out.

Needless to say, my decision to do so was one that I do not regret.

‘Top Dup Donuts’ are taking Perth by storm, delivering fresh quality handmade doughnuts right across the city each day.

Today's doughnut supply at the New Perth Busport 

The doughnut legends dominate the Instagram world (and now our incredibly awesome Colosoul blog) with their quirky doughnut photos and the places that they’re delivering doughnuts to each day. 

Flavours include Vanilla Bean glaze, White Choc glaze with a Raspberry & Pistachio sprinkle, Maple-Pecan-Bacon , Salted Caramel Popcorn, Nutella (my personal favourite!) and so much more! (Can you see why I had to include them in our Colosoul blog?) 

My choice, the Nutella doughnut! 

You can also find ‘Top Dup Donuts’ set up at the New Perth Busport from Monday to Friday from 7:30am till sold out. 

If you’re doughnut crazy (like myself), ‘Top Dup Donuts’ must be put at the top of your food places to try out in Perth.  

And maybe next time when I go back to visit, I’ll be nice enough to bring a few into the Colosoul office. 

By Ashton Taylor 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Falls Festival is coming to Fremantle in 2017!

Festival lovers rejoice!

The Falls Festival line-up for 2016/17 is here and we at Colosoul are excited that the festival is making its debut in Fremantle!  (internal screaming that they’ve remembered about us in Perth!)  

Being renamed ‘Falls Downtown’ for the Fremantle leg, the festival will run on the 9th and 8th of January 2017. Artists announced so far include Childish Gambino, London Grammar, The Avalanches and Matt Corby.

‘Falls Downtown’ will be taking over abandoned and repurposed buildings; old-world ballrooms; city streets and Kings Square in the Fremantle Town Centre.

Teamed together with food, drinks, art and magic, ‘Falls Downtown” promises to be an incredible event!

Tickets for the two- day festival go on sale at 9am on Tuesday the 30th of August. For more information, click on the following link:

Full line-up:
-       Childish Gambino
-       London Grammar
-       The Avalanches
-       Violent Soho
-       Matt Corby
-       Fat Freddy’s Drop
-       Ta-ku
-       The Jezabels
-       Ball park music
-       Grouplove
-       Jamie T
-       Broods
-       Illy
-       Grandmaster Flash
-       Mo
-       Hot Dub Time Machine
-       DMA’S
-       Alundnageorge
-       Bookashade
-       Client Liason
-       Vallis Alps
-       Parquet Courts
-       City Calm Down
-       Modern Baseball
-       RY C
-       Lemaitre

….. stay tuned for more artists to be announced!

-Words by Ashton Taylor 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Life Lessons at Colosoul!

Life Lessons at Colosoul: Neil 

Social Anxiety and Self

Lately, I've been very preoccupied with different stuff; working, university work, youth group practice, being a volunteer, and above all that, trying to fit in time to catch up with old friends and meeting new people. Most of my free time, people would ask if I want to grab lunch or perhaps catch up. For some weird reason, I tend to curl up back to my shell and always end up just staying home and rather watch Netflix and eat a whole tub of ice cream in bed. I'm normally a jolly person who would be up to head to the nearest Maccas just to satisfy my chicken nuggets cravings. Do you ever experience that? Just me..? Honestly, the worst case is when you were supposed to meet a potential date  but your 'inner gramma' just starts to take over and like the usual, you end up bedridden and wasting another day of your life. In addition to that, ranting to your bestie about how frustrating it is being single. It's not like I'm doing it on purpose, but it's just something that is gradually taking over my emotions. I've always been skeptical about mental problems; especially ones that involve social interaction -- probably because I'm being denial. But before you close this window and judge me for saying that, let me confirm; SOCIAL ANXIETY IS REAL.

I don't know what the main reason is for this happening. From researching, it only said that the cause is unknown too. But it's that weird feeling of being scared to meet people, and it can seem like you're just being lazy? It can seem and feel in different ways. It feels like you are very nervous, worried and pressured even though there's really nothing to be worried about. As cliche as it sound, perhaps this was a sign for me to realize that it is indeed true. Perhaps I'm meant to share about it to the world. If it wasn't for those experiences, then I wouldn't be typing this. But it's quite sad because people (just like how I used to) think that it's not anything serious. IT IS SERIOUS.

One day I opened up to the people at the office (Colosoul) about this problem that I've been experiencing. Normally I'm not the type that opens up that easily when it comes to my social problems and things that I prefer to keep to myself. After opening up, I realized how many people feel the same way. It was amazing to see that so many of my peers actually feel the same way. What's more interesting is that the people who felt that way were those who I thought seemed very confident and problem-free. This just proves that social anxiety can be in different forms. It can be something that you won't even notice, but it's already there. It's something important that we should realize and educate ourselves about. So based on my personal experience, before you start judging someone, make sure you know what's going on. At the end of the day, whatever you notice about a person; both positive and negative -- there's a deeper reason behind it.