Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Let's Meet: Prince Rara

Aweh!, I’m Prince Rara, but you can call me.. well.. Prince Rara. I have come a long way from working in mental health as a Councillor in Sydney for the past 4 years. I tried my hardest to be in the media industry whilst living in Sydney, but needed to get qualified in the industry first as its very competitive. In order to survive I studied full-time, serviced my mortgage; my house being in Perth - dealt with unruly tenants and useless agents, paying extortionate amount for rent in a shared room in Sydney's trendy city dwelling neighbourhood… Surry Hills, all the while working full-time managing people with mental health issue! wooh!.... I’m tired thinking about it. I happened to be in Perth and landed an awesome opportunity to work with Colosoul. I got an Editor’s role, I love it. It’s very hectic and there’s a lot to incorporate throughout the day, for it to run smooth. Communication is crucial; being able to adapt to big and interesting personalities, and planning ahead especially with events. The night before I start work I have a list of things I have to achieve for the next day. Speaking with the (CEO) Tricia, she advised me to tackle big tasks first. I’m still working on implementing that into my days, but can be very distracting when you’re being pulled around the office and new tasks fall from the sky. I’m excited that one day I’ll look at my resume and discover all the great things I’ve accomplished, because at the end of the day it’s for personal and career development.

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