Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Words from Tegan Edwards

Team leader for POP Creative Tegan Edwards tells the Colosoul blog about what she's been working on in the office today....

My name is Tegan Edwards and I am the team leader for POP Creative.

I'm not feeling too bad today. Actually, I'm feeling a little stressed because I have a lot to do.

My current role as team leader sees me spread across a number of different areas within POP Creative which includes administration and design.

Some of my tasks involve emailing, liaising with clients and other departments, checking in with the other designers and concentrating on my own design work.

Today I've been preparing a whole lot of invoices, which is proving to be a bit difficult. I'll get there though!

I've also been helping to prepare information on POP Creative so we can go out and approach businesses and potential clients. Our information will include our costs and what services POP Creative can offer.

Working in all of these different areas allows me to improve my leadership, business, organisational and design skills.

It's really great to be able to dabble in so many areas at Colosoul, and as I learn so many new things every day I'm here.


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