Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What does Colosoul Group mean for me?

My name is Paula Ruiz and I am from Colombia. I came to Australia to improve my English skills and professional knowledge. I started to work in Colosoul since July 2015 and this experience has meant for me a great opportunity to meet fantastic people who come from diverse countries as well as Australians. We all are there for different purposes but one of the main reasons is to share experiences no matter how old you are, where you come from or what you do ... Colosoul means an artistic connection for all of us since it produces a powerful synergy among team members.
If I describe a day at Colosoul I would say that it is a mixture up of feelings such as happiness, stress, responsibility as well as funny moments. Being part of Colosoul has represented a significant occasion that helps me to integrate my background experience with real Australian work environment. I love marketing and that is why I feel so lucky to keep doing it here and I would like to say thanks Colosoul for this brilliant idea which I have not seen before in any Latin-American countries.
I would be a deep supporter to all this kind of initiatives because I am convinced that Colosoul has been making the best for enhancing our professional future .


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