Monday, 14 November 2016

Words from Renee Campbell-Sobers

Today is Renee's final day working on the Social Media team at Colosoul before she heads home to Canada! (**sad face***) Renee has written a few words for the Colosoul blog about her time at Colosoul and what she has learnt while being here. We wish you all the best Renee and hope you come back to visit us soon! 

My experience at Colosoul has definitely been one of the highlights of my time in Australia. I enjoyed working with creative like-minded people and they were all around my age!

I love being able to relate to the people I work with. Another thing that stood out during my time at Colosoul was the opportunity to work on different projects. It doesn't matter what department you're in or whether you're experienced in that area or not; if you had an interest, you could have an input. You can't get that type of hands- on experience everywhere.

The three months I spent at Colosoul has really peaked my interest in marketing, advertising and public relations. So much so that I'm thinking of doing it as a career! Working with Tegan to promote POP Creative was great, she was very kind and helpful. I think what I'll miss most are the people, even though you see ten million different faces throughout the week it's never a dull moment at the office.

I'm sad to leave but I wish everyone at Colosoul good luck with everything they do!


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