Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Introducing: Felix

How can I tell somebody about myself if they ask me to do so? It really takes sometime for me. On the other hand if you ask my mother she’ll gladly do that just in 2 minutes! I don’t think she will exaggerate though, she will just tell in a casual way, like talking to someone you just met. “Oh my boy just completed his military service, he also has a job thank goodness… He was a TV guy before but now he’s on a different job, internet, advertising, social media that kinda thing I don’t know it very well. If only he can get married now.. He’s a bit messy though, I wonder which girl would agree to marry him! He listens to music all day, in the morning from earphones, in the evening loudspeakers. He won’t notice if a car would honk nearby! But still he doesn’t care. His room is filled with books and CDs ‘Who will read/listen all these?’ I ask, ‘Don’t worry about that ma!’ he says. I ask him to take care when he goes out at night but again he says the same. Anyways that’s my boy, what can I do? Can’t kick him out can I?”


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