Thursday, 17 December 2015

Introducing: Paris

Hello my name is Paris. I’m currently a graphic designer within the POP Creative team and have been for just over six months. Although I have an underlying strong passion for fashion illustration, working at Colosoul gives me the opportunity to be creative (in the area of graphic design) and the chance to connect with young, likeminded and passionate individuals. I find it is a good balance between my post-graduate studies (Honours in fashion illustration), another design internship and my weekend job. There are individuals from all walks of life with different goals and aspirations in the same room. The reason I enjoy coming to Colosoul is because it is a relaxed and inspiring environment with people who come and go and are here because they want to be. I don’t regret taking the leap and approaching Colosoul to get involved. So far I have met some amazing individuals who share similar passions and goals!


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