Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Colosoul Diaries

The Colosoul Diaries 

Dear Diary, or reader, or blogger, or whoever you may be, hello and welcome to the wild wacky world of Colosoul. For those who don't know much about us we are a not for profit youth organisation who aims to give experience to the most creative people in Perth. We have photographers, writers, designers, graphic gurus and everything in between.

You've joined us at a really exciting time! We are picking up sticks and moving from our home in the CBD to Subiaco, to a bigger and better space, one where we get our own offices and departments (Think Devil Wears Prada, but with more sass and better clothes, but always more sass).

While this is a really exciting time, being a not for profit we rely on the people around us to get us off the ground. We decided the best (and most democratic way) was to set up a crowdfunding campaign! I mean, if a guy from the US can get over $4000 to make potato salad then surely we are onto something here (please note only 10% of donations will be used to purchase potato salad...and cake, we like cake, maybe some cookies too, okay maybe a lot of food will be bought, don't judge, a girls got to eat!).

We have a month left in our current space so come down and check us out at 115 Barrack Street Perth CBD, before we say goodbye to the basement!


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