Wednesday, 5 October 2016

When my hard drive crashes- Tricia Ray

Well, it's one of those weeks and my external hard drive decided to crash, which has absolutely all my work on it.

Should I cry? Should I have a meltdown? Should I swear quietly under my breath for the next ten minutes?

It reminds me of when I was a kid and my dog chewed up my assignment that I had completed the night before that was due in that day. It was so annoying and frustrating that no matter what I said or did it wasn't bringing it back. I had no one else to blame except myself.

I have given my hard drive to someone who I am hoping can retrieve all my information. To date, it's not looking very hopeful. I can only continue to remain hopeful. Why did I not have a second copy saved? Yes, it's the 'why' that bewilders me too.

Besides being sick for the past month and not coping well with my own personal tragedy 6 months ago, my car was crushed two months ago from a tree falling on it and my new iPhone fell down the crack of the Pier Street car park elevator one month ago. It was crushed into a million pieces.

I can only wonder if things will endeavour to look a little brighter. All I know is that sometimes life can be a real jerk, yet somehow I still manage to get to work every day. Why? What motivates me? Well, all I can say is that once I am through the doors of Colosoul, I am reminded that my purpose here is to see young lives creatively discover their purpose and to bring a voice to those who can never speak up for themselves.

Some days, I feel like I am climbing a mountain. Some days it feels like I'm surfing the coolest wave out there. Whatever it is, I know my purpose is for the greater cause. I love what I do and love others to love what they do. So no matter what happens around me, I will not forget my vision. Destroy everything else around me and my vision remains the same.'s not a good feeling to lose everything on my hard drive!


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