Monday, 10 October 2016

Words from Sarah Makse

Hey, hey!

My name is Sarah Makse and I work as an editorial assistant and social media manager of Teensoul.

I started at Colosoul just over a month ago and am loving the experience so far! I've been able to work in so many different areas! I'm learning from the editor Sophia about how to manage the team of teen writers, planning photo shoots for the next issue and writing articles.

My first article was just posted on the website last week which I'm super pumped about and I can't wait to write more. This week I'm working on ideas for Teensoul's relaunch event later in the year and editing and publishing the writer's work on the Teensoul website.

I'm also trying to get more teens supporting the social media, which can be difficult because none of them want to risk damaging their street cred! We're really close to this month's goal of social media followers, so hopefully Teensoul's name is getting out there. I really want more people to read our amazing writers' work!

Life's a bit hectic at the moment juggling Uni and my Teensoul duties. It's that time of the semester where everything is due! However, I'm really enjoying getting to know all the lovely Colosoul crew and getting the opportunity to contribute to Teensoul's vision. :)


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