Monday, 3 October 2016

Borderless Gandhi Project: 3rd-9th of October

This week is Borderless Gandhi week. We at Colosoul are proud to collaborate with this exhibition which is all about finding the "Mahatma in me."

Borderless Gandhi was established in 2014 by its founders Nilesh and Lene Makwana in Perth, Australia.  As an expression of their gratitude and appreciation to the City of Perth after migrating to Perth, Nilesh and Lene established the exhibition as a way to give back to the community.

Borderless Gandhi hopes to contribute to planting the seeds of inter-faith harmony and peaceful co-living within its communities and further seeks to lead the next generation toward greater peace, equality and nonviolence.

The exhibition will include a range of mediums and live music and Colosoul will be showcasing some of our talented artists who will be creating works of art in front of visitors.

Head on down to the Bell Tower this week (Monday-Friday) to view the exhibition and to also say hello the Colosoul gang who will be down there each day.


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