Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Talking the Walk- Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016

Once again, the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival has gone past in a total blur!

For me, fashion week begins around three weeks before the events with the first call of duty, castings. I pulled my dusty heels out of the closet (those babies hadn’t been walked in for a while) and attempted to strut my stuff in front of the panel of judges.

 Backstage at Opening night, Flannel clothes
Luckily, this year I managed to get my clumsy self down the runway without incident (believe me it has happened before!) and was lucky enough to be booked for a number of shows. After a week of fittings and a stream of emails, sorry to my amazing agency Chadwicks that could probably better reach me by pigeon or courier; fashion week was already upon us.

On opening night, back stage was a flurry of excitement, hairspray, laughter and beautiful outfits. I had the privilege of working under Mark Vassallo and wore a cream silk dress by Flannel, both of which made the evening very special. Backstage before the first walk of the week I definitely had some nervous goose bumps running down my arms, but I must admit I do love that nervous feeling.  
Backstage at Adam Heath with Ruth Pitman (middle)
and Sarah Tilleke (right) (Stefan Gosatti Photography) 

Wednesday night I had a serious 80’s flashback in the Adam Heath 50 Years of Australian Fashion and Music runway event. I felt like a true prom queen in my purple and blue tulle dress and to top everything off, I got to fulfill every Australian models dream, walking down the catwalk to Men at Work’s Down Under. What more could you want from a runway show!

The Manning Cartell show on Thursday evening was the highlight of my fashion week this year. Meeting the designers back stage made the evening so personal and it felt like a backstage family party. Walking the runway in my silver and white cocktail dress I felt a certain confidence that could have only come from the clothes.

Backstage nerves at Manning Cartell. Photo: Ivanna Fontana 
Manning Cartell Runway. Photo: The Social Pages 

Friday night called for Future Runway where the Curtin fashion graduates got to showcase their work. This night was quirky, fun and full of funky fashion. I was lucky enough to be selected to open the show for this runway and backstage I was buzzing with excitement, while also hoping I wasn’t going to trip and start the show on the floor. It was a very memorable moment to be the first one out into the lights. In the show I wore two pieces the first was a design made by Georgia Sharman and was based on skin, featuring a turtle neck shirt, detailed vest and flowing skirt and the second was a layered blue evening gown dress with embroidery around the neck, by Lucy Mitchell.  The crowd at this show was so welcoming and there were small cheers for every girl who walked out onto the catwalk by designer’s friends and family and this was something I was thrilled to be a part of.
Future Runway: Lucy Mitchell Design
(photo by @inlovewithdotdotdot) 

Future Runway: Georgia Sharman.
(photo by @gshrmncreate) 

My last night at Perth Fashion Festival this year was one to remember as I got to walk for Empire Rose. Backstage was a real laugh as we got our huge puffy blonde wigs on; little quirks like this are what make Fashion Festival so fun! In a mist of smoke, I walked out onto the catwalk in some amazing rose gold glitter pants and a bomber jacket to “Pure Imagination” off the Willy Wonka sound track, which made the event pure magic.

Backstage at Empire Rose. Photo: Part Blue Photography 
Empire Rose Runway. Photo: Sherin Carter

Fashion week once again has been full of laughs, fun and beautiful fashion. Couldn’t thank all involved enough for creating such a memorable week where I didn’t stop smiling, well except for on the runway where you have to get your blue steel face on instead! Until next year Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, it’s been grand.

Words by Nush Freedman 


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