Thursday, 1 September 2016

Words from Alexis Kittler

Colosoul Marketing Assistant Alexis Kittler tells the Colosoul blog how she's feeling about the preparations for the upcoming Colosoul Cafe.... 

I am the Colosoul Marketing Assistant for the new Colosoul cafe and I am currently in charge of gaining sponsorship for the cafe.

The cafe will be based in the heart of Subiaco and I'm feeling a little bit on edge about everything.

It's fine though. I've been going into this alone, but I've been asking lots of advice from my university lecturer. Particularly in knowing how to approach people for sponsors.

The cafe will be selling freshly baked goodies, treats, coffees, tea e.t.c

We will also be incorporating "The Gap" and the mentoring programs that Colosoul offers. It will give people work experience and opportunities in areas such as coffee making, baking and even financial management . It will also train people vocationally through AusStudy.

Everyone is working really hard in gaining funding and exposure for the cafe.

I'm hoping for a successful start up, and that all the hard work will pay off.


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